Sex Offender Driver License Designation

Sex Offender Designation

Pursuant to Section 15-20A-18, Code of Alabama 1975, any registered sex offender is required to always have in possession a valid driver license or identification card issued by ALEA designating to law enforcement officers registered the sex offender status.  In compliance with the recent judgment entered in Doe v. Marshall, 2:15-CV-606-WKW, ALEA is changing the way the sex offender status is designated on a license or identification card by removing the words "CRIMINAL SEX OFFENDER" and replacing it with a code that will appear on the face of the card. 

ALEA will reissue a new driver license or Non-Driver ID card bearing the new sex offender designation. If a sex offender is not within the 180-day renewal period, the sex offender must report to an ALEA Driver License Exam office by June 21, 2019, to obtain a license or Non-Driver ID at no charge. If a registered sex offender does not report by June 21, 2019, payment of a duplicate fee will be required for reissuance. 

If a registered sex offender is eligible for a renewal, payment is required for the renewal fee. Renewal may take place online, at a probate, license commissioner office, or an ALEA office. The renewal will be issued with the new sex offender designation.

If a registered sex offender does not have in possession a current, expired, suspended/revoked Alabama driver license or Non-Driver Identification card, proof of birth is required with a state certified birth certificate or unexpired passport. In the absence of a proof of birth document, a proof of social security number will be required with an original social security card or a document bearing a full social security number.

During this transition period, sex offenders will not be prosecuted for failing to comply with the sex offender identification requirements of Alabama Code § 15-20A-18. However, after June 21, 2019, sex offenders will again be subject to prosecution for knowingly violating the identification requirements of Alabama Code § 15-20A-18.