Department of Public Safety

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is comprised of both sworn and non-sworn uniformed personnel within the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), DPS includes the Driver License, Highway Patrol and Marine Patrol Divisions. Although uniformed sworn personnel are assigned to the Driver License Division, non-sworn personnel comprise most of the Division. The majority of the Agency's sworn uniformed Troopers are in the Highway and Marine Patrol Divisions. Troopers assigned to these divisions are responsible for enforcing the state laws, patrolling roadways and waterways throughout the state, while assisting city, county, state, and federal public safety partners in an assorted variety of initiatives throughout the year. The Driver License Division facilitates both the written and skill tests for all classes of license issued to Alabama drivers in conjunction with maintaining the records associated with the Alabama’s licenses including crash reports as well as traffic violation convictions. Each division is dedicated to effectively and efficiently protecting and serving the citizens of Alabama.