Protective Services

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Protective Services

The Protective Services Division comprises two units – Capitol Patrol and Dignitary Protection.

The Capitol Patrol Unit has the primary responsibility to preserve order, prevent and investigate crime, and protect and save from injury persons and property at the Capitol and all state buildings occupied by the State departments and agencies within the State of Alabama, as mandated by Section 32-2-100, Code of Alabama 1975. The unit consists of State Troopers who provide security and control the access to the Capitol, State House, and Executive Mansion. This includes screening all visitors, state employees, incoming packages and deliveries. Assigned personnel also provide routine patrol within the Capitol complex to enhance the security posture of the surrounding area.

Dignitary Protection provides transportation and security services for protectees authorized under Section 36-33-2, Code of Alabama 1975. Those officials include but are not limited to the Governor and his/her immediate family, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senate Pro Tem of the Senate, and Attorney General. The unit also provides services for visiting dignitaries or other persons directed by the Governor or ALEA Secretary.