Alabama Tinting Regulations

Alabama Tinting Regulations

Passenger Car and Station Wagon

  • Only the upper six inches of the front windshield may be tinted. The material applied must be transparent.
  • All other windows (side and rear) may have tinting that allows at least 32% light transmission with a 3% tolerance.
  • The reflective material may not reflect more than 20% of light.
32% Tinting PicTinting Car Pic

Multi-purpose Passenger and Recreational Vehicles

  • Front windshield and front seat windows are subject to the same restrictions as passenger cars and station wagons.
  • On the windows behind the driver, darker tinting is permitted as allowed by the manufacturer of the vehicle by Federal Law.
  • Outside rearview mirrors on each side of the vehicle are required when the darker tint is installed.
  • The manufacturer determines the classification of the vehicle. 


32% Tinting Multi-passenger and RecreationalTinting Multi-purpose and Recreational Vehicle


All vehicles registered in the State of Alabama must comply with Alabama's window tinting law, Act. 96-534, effective August 15, 1996.

Title 32, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Chapter 5C:

Medical Waivers (32-5C-4): You may apply for an exemption from this chapter for certain medical conditions. Certification must be made by your physician. The exemption may be issued with conditions and limitations prescribed by the Department of Public Safety.

Compliance Stickers (32-5C-6): All new tinting and vehicles with existing tinting, that meets the standards, must display a visible sticker/label of compliance. These stickers/labels must be affixed by a tinting dealer. No person shall install any material on the windshield or windows in violation of 32-5C-2.


Medical Waiver Detail Contact:

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Driver License Division

Medical Records Unit

P.O. Box 1471

Montgomery, AL 36102

Phone: 334.242.4239