The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Administration

The Bureau is composed of six unique units: Aviation, General Services, Training, Fleet Services, Radio Engineering, and Information Technology. These six units perform various necessary functions in support of ALEA’s mission with a diverse group of employees who perform services ranging from such non-law enforcement services as building leases and maintenance to those services that are strictly law enforcement related, including training not only for the agency’s sworn personnel, but also for officer trainees from agencies across the state.

In addition to supporting ALEA's mission, the Admin Bureau provides support and assistance to local law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama. Local agency support is provided through various means, including but not limited to training new police officers at the ALEA Training Center for service at various local Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices, and providing search and rescue capability with the aviation unit. 

The following represents the units within the Administrative Bureau and associated responsibilities:

  • The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Training Center (ATC) - The ATC is a statewide training center operated by arresting officers and civilian support staff employed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) and is co-located on the Wallace Community College Campus in Selma, Alabama. The ATC is a regional Academy accredited by the Alabama Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) and is responsible for providing the following training services:
  1. The ATC provides basic law enforcement training to student officers for municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies attending the annual APOSTC basic police academy classes.
  2. The ATC provides basic law enforcement training to ALEA Trooper Trainees in the full, uncertified ALEA Trooper Academy classes as well as advanced training to the prior certified ALEA Trooper Academy classes.
  3. The ATC supervises and manages the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Field Training and Evaluation Program.
  4. The ATC provides annual continuing education training and required APOSTC annual re-certifications for municipal, county and state arresting officers from various law enforcement agencies as well as those of ALEA.
  5. The ATC supervises and manages the Alabama Impaired Driving Enforcement Training Program and provides SFST, ARIDE and DRE training across the state.
  6. The ATC supervises and manages the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Training Program for ALERRT; Run/Hide/Fight and the Alabama Sentry Program across the state.
  7. The ATC staff is responsible for documenting, recording and entering all annual continuing education unit hours for all ALEA arresting officers in the APOSTC system and the ALEA Personnel Training Record File.


  • The Aviation Unit - Consists of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft with enhanced capabilities for search and rescue operations, aerial surveillance, SWAT missions, fire suppression, executive transportation, static displays, missing person searches, and manhunts. The unit operates 24/7 to provide assistance to state and local agencies to support public safety interests statewide. The aviation unit serves the State of Alabama from three hangars located in Cullman, Montgomery, and Fairhope. 


  • Information & Technology Unit - Responsible for operating, maintaining and securing all networks, applications, systems, devices, and electronic data specific to the ALEA mission; conducting annual and reoccurring cybersecurity awareness training, auditing and reporting; and coordinating, consulting, and helping implement new technology, modernization, consolidation, enhancements, and other IT-related services for the Agency. In addition, IT’s applications, support center, and infrastructure services allow ALEA to accurately, timely, and securely deliver law enforcement information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies handling criminal justice and citizen safety in Alabama and across the nation.


  • Fleet Services Unit – Responsible for the issuance and maintenance of all vehicles, vessels, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, trailers, mobile command vehicles, lift trucks, generators and other miscellaneous equipment owned and operated by ALEA. 


  • General Services Unit – Responsible for providing professional services for ALEA personnel and facilities, maintaining necessary materials and equipment, and the coordination of all ALEA-owned building repairs. This unit provides a centralized location to coordinate all ALEA-owned building repairs and maintenance and coordinates all agency-leased facilities in conjunction with the Legal Unit.


  • Radio Engineering Unit - Radio Engineering is responsible for dispatch, in-car, and handheld radio systems infrastructure licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to provide public safety communications for ALEA personnel.  In addition to radios, the unit provides support for ALEA’s analog phone system and in-car electronics installations and repair.  Employees are available for disaster response and planned event onsite support and are available 24/7.