Criminal Justice Services

Alabama Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Services

The Criminal Justice Services Division houses the Sex Offender Registry Unit, the Criminal Records Identification Unit, the Latent Print Unit, the Incident Reporting Unit, and the Compliance Unit. Each of these Criminal Justice Units satisfies their respective missions in providing services to the public and law enforcement communities. The Sex Offender Registry Unit maintains the sex offender registry for the state of Alabama. The Criminal Records Identification Unit responds to matters of criminal backgrounds, maintains fingerprint files for all arrested offenders in the state of Alabama, and oversees Automated Fingerprint Identification Services. The Latent Print Unit processes crime scenes and evidence for fingerprints and provides investigative assistance in criminal cases. The Incident Reporting Unit responds to federal mandates and state legislative mandates regarding data reporting. The Compliance Unit oversees management of the systems Criminal Justice Services Division hosts for servicing law enforcement and criminal justice counterparts, responds to federal and state audits of criminal and non-criminal justice agencies, and performs vendor management of ALEA systems and projects.