Alabama Justice Information Commission

Providing Criminal Justice Information Policy Since 1975

The Alabama Justice Information Commission, originally known as the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Commission, was created by the State Legislature in 1975 to establish, develop and operate a Center and computer information system for the interstate and intrastate accumulation, storage, retrieval, analysis and dissemination of vital information relating to certain crimes, criminals and criminal activity. In 2015 with the creation of ALEA, the Center was merged into ALEA as the SBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (SBI CJIS). The Commission continues today as an independent body to establish rules and polices to govern the use of criminal justice and public safety information within the State of Alabama. SBI CJIS performs the operational mandates of the Commission. (See §§41-9-590, et seq., AL Code 1975)

The Commission meets every quarter and is comprised of the following 13 voting members and 7 advisory members.


Voting Members: 

Alabama Attorney General

Secretary of Law Enforcement

Commissioner, Department of Corrections

Director, Bureau of Pardons and Paroles

President, Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police

President, Alabama Sheriffs’ Association

Director, ADECA Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

President, Alabama Circuit Judges' Association

President, Alabama District Judges’ Association

President, Alabama District Attorney's Association

President, Alabama Circuit Clerks' Association

Secretary of Information Technology

President, Probate Judges Association

President, Municipal Judges Association


Advisory Members: 

President Pro Tempore, Alabama Senate

Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives

Administrative Director of Courts

Executive Director, Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission

President, Association of County Commissions of Alabama

President, Alabama League of Municipalities

A citizen of the State of Alabama, appointed by the Governor



Upcoming Events: 

Commission Meeting: January 12, 2023, at ALEA Headquarters

Privacy and Security Committee: TBA



Memo for Special Meeting 

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FY 2020 Alabama Forfeiture Report 

FY 2021 Alabama Forfeiture Report

FY 2022 Alabama Forfeiture Report

FY 2023 Alabama Forfeiture Report