Criminal Justice Information Services

Alabama Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Information Services

Compliance Unit

The Compliance Unit oversees management of the systems Criminal Justice Services Division hosts for servicing law enforcement and criminal justice counterparts, such as LETS, ADAPT, NCIC, ABSORB, MOVE, and also responds to inquiries of assistance with these systems. Personnel provides training curriculums and certifications for the systems to systems-users. The Compliance Unit is responsible for responding to federal and state audits of criminal and non-criminal justice agencies, and for providing training to criminal and non-criminal justice agencies to better facilitate compliance with standards and prepare for impending audits. The Compliance Unit additionally performs vendor management for ALEA and determines the suitability of contractors and vendors in gaining accesses to ALEA systems and projects.

Incident Reporting Unit

The Incident Reporting Unit responds to federal mandates and state legislative mandates regarding data reporting, such as NIBRS, UCR, LEOKA, ARTIC, NICS, FLEE, scrap recycler materials and businesses, use of force allegations and incidents, as well as provides other statistical data and reports upon inquiry from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Incident Reporting Unit provides training to law enforcement on the mandated requirements and monitors compliance.

Allegation of Excessive Force Form