Alcohol and Rural Crime Unit

ALEA Alcohol and Rural Crime Unit

The Alcohol and Rural Crimes Unit (ARCU) is both a request and proactive unit within the Criminal Investigation Division. Their primary mission is three-fold: investigate crimes in the rural communities pertaining to the agricultural industry, enforce the state's alcohol laws through rigorous compliance details and diligent investigations, and conduct compliance checks to help ensure the state's tobacco laws are being followed.

Agents assigned to the Alcohol and Rural Crime Unit are very diversified. ARCU agents investigate property crimes involving theft of heavy machinery and other crimes affecting Alabama's strong, rural business infrastructure. ARCU agents also conduct thousands of compliance details a year to help deter the sale of alcohol and tobacco to under-age citizens. ARCU also investigates the manufacture of illegal alcohol and the illegal transport of alcohol across state lines. ARCU provides investigative assistance to the ABC Board on criminal matters pertaining to ABC retail stores as well.

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