Marine Accident Report

Marine Accident Report

The cost of a boat crash report is $10. The accepted payment methods are a money order, check, cashier's check or certified check, the payment method should be made payable to Alabama Marine Patrol.

You may send a written request to:

Alabama Marine Patrol

Attention: Boating Accident Records

P.O. Box 301451

Montgomery, AL 36130 

Requests must include:

  • Date of crash
  • Body of water on which it occurred
  • Person(s) involved
  • Who you represent. (If you are not an insurance agent or law firm, you need only include on whose behalf you are requesting the report.)

** PLEASE NOTE** It takes at least two weeks to investigate and/or process a boat crash report, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

220-6-.06 of the Alabama Laws and Regulations states a boating accident should be submitted within 10 days from the date of the accident. This refers to notification as an immediate report to the Marine Patrol Office and the Coast Guard Reporting System. This does not mean a report will be available within that time period. You may contact Mendy Moore with the Alabama Marine Patrol at, 334.517.2950 or 800.272.7930 with questions concerning these records.