Ignition Interlock Laws

In 2012, Alabama became the 50th state to enforce driving under the influence (DUI) legislation that includes the use of ignition interlock devices (IIDs). Since that time, amendments have been made to improve the overall efficiency of the program.

The requirement for an IID is based off a conviction under Section 32-5A-191, Code of Alabama 1975, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

The use of an IID can reduce the amount of time for suspension or revocation on a Class D driver license. The Ignition Interlock Law does not apply to Commercial Driver License (CDL) disqualifications.

Common Questions

An Ignition Interlock is a device installed on motor vehicles to prohibit individuals from operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It requires the driver to provide a breath sample before the engine will start and the driver is periodically required to provide breath samples while driving. 

For safety reasons, the vehicle will not shut off if the driver fails a breath test while driving. However, the device records the event and, depending on the circumstances, could prevent the vehicle from re-starting once stopped.

Pre-Trial Diversion or Preferred Prosecution Programs:
IID Term: Length of Program License Suspension/Revocation: Stayed
**The Court can Order the Ignition Interlock as a requirement of these programs**

Upon 1st Conviction:
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) < 0.15
IID Term: 90 Days License Suspension/Revocation: 90 Days
**Entire suspension is stayed if ignition interlock is voluntarily elected and installed**

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) > 0.15
IID Term: 1 Year License Suspension/Revocation: 90 Days
**Mandatory Ignition Interlock, suspension stayed w/proof of IID installation**

Upon 2nd Conviction:
IID Term: 2 Years License Suspension/Revocation: 1 Year
**After serving 45 days of suspension or revocation, mandatory ignition interlock**

Upon 3rd Conviction:
IID Term: 3 Years License Suspension/Revocation: 3 Years
**After serving 60 days of suspension or revocation, mandatory ignition interlock**

Upon 4th or Subsequent Conviction:
IID Term: 4 Years License Suspension/Revocation: 5 Years
**After serving 1 year suspension or revocation, mandatory ignition interlock**

IID Term: Additional 1 year License Suspension/Revocation: Varies per Offense
**One additional year is added to the Ignition Interlock Term, except on 1st Conviction**

Additional time may be imposed when certain factors exist:

  • Conviction is prior to July 1, 2018
  • Passenger under the age of 14 was in the vehicle at time of offense
  • Driver Refused the Chemical Test
  • A crash occurred where another person was injured
  • Driver had a BAC of .15 or higher

Upon conviction, whether the use of an IID is elective or mandatory, the Judge will sign and forward an Order to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

The Offender shall have an approved IID installed in their vehicle and provide proof of installation to the ALEA to obtain the required ignition interlock restricted driver license. There is a $150 fee for this driver license.

The offender shall remain in compliance of the ignition interlock requirement for the duration of the IID Term, which begins upon issuance of the Ignition Interlock restricted driver license and based off the law. The IID Term may not be the same as any restriction periods imposed by the court. Any violations committed during the mandated ignition interlock period shall extend the duration of IID Term use for six months.

The device can only be removed upon completion of the IID Term and when the court of conviction confirms to the ALEA that the offender has successfully completed all requirements and no longer subject to the ignition interlock device requirement.

  • A breath sample at or above the minimum blood alcohol concentration level of 0.02 recorded four or more times during the monthly reporting period unless a subsequent test performed within 10 minutes registers breath alcohol concentration lower than 0.02.
  • Any tampering, circumvention, or bypassing of the ignition interlock device, or attempt thereof.
  • Failure to comply with the servicing or calibration requirements of the ignition interlock device every 30 days.

Ignition Interlock Providers are approved through the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. Currently, there are four approved Interlock Providers in Alabama.

Smart Start Corporate Office
4850 Plaza Drive
Irving, TX 75063-2317 USA
Toll-free: (800) 880-3394 within the U.S.
Local: (972) 621-0252
International: +1 (972) 621-0252
Facsimile: (972) 915-0562
Email: Info@SmartStartInc.com

RoadGuard by Draeger US Interlock
1221 S. Belt Line Rd Suite 700
Coppell, TX 75019
Device: Draeger Interlock XT
Website: http://draegerinterlock.com
Service Contact: (800) 332-6858

Sens-O-Lock of America, LLC
1619 Oxmoor Road #382
Homewood, AL 35209
Device: FR 9000
Website: http://www.sensolockamerica.com
Service Contact: (404) 748-4484
Office: (205) 291-4210
Cell: (904) 525-1035

#1 A LifeSafer, Inc.
3630 Park 42 Drive, Suite 140C
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Device: LifeSafer FC100, L250
Website: http://www.lifesafer.com
Service Contract: (800) 805-1660

Contact one of the approved providers for a service center located near you.