ATV/UTV Registration

ATV/Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Registration

Pursuant to ACT 2017-395, a person may voluntarily register all-terrain vehicles and recreational off-highway vehicles with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).  

What vehicles qualify for registration? 

  • ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATV): Every motor vehicle 60 inches or less in width, having a dry weight of 1,500 pounds or less, designed to travel on three or more non-highway tires, and manufactured for off-road use by a single operator or by an operator and not more than one passenger as provided by the manufacturer.
  • RECREATIONAL OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE: Any off-road vehicle 80 inches or less in width, having a dry weight of 2,500 pounds or less, designed and manufactured to travel on four or more non-highway tires for off-road use by an operator and the number of passengers as provided by the manufacturer.

How do I register my ATV? 

  • The application for registration can be made through the dealer at the point of sale or directly to ALEA.  
  • Complete the ATV/UTV Registration Form and provide a Purchaser’s Certificate or a “Bill of Sale” showing a complete description of the vehicle, including the serial number or other identifying numbers, as well as the seller’s name and address. 
  • Submit the application for registration, along with proper documentation, and registration fees to: 

                                                                         ALEA ATV/UTV Registration  

                                                                         PO Box 304115  

                                                                         Montgomery, AL 36130 

                                                Please make checks and money orders payable to ALEA. 

What are the registration fees?

  • For Public Use: $45.00, plus $2.50 issuance (Good for three (3) years) - Public Use is defined as “used on designated areas for off-road public use.” 
  • For Private Use: $15.00, plus $2.50 issuance (Good for three (3) years) - Private Use is defined as “used exclusively for private or agricultural use or used exclusively on private property.” 
  • For a Duplicate or Transfer: $5.00 (Contact ALEA direct) 


ATV/UTV Registration Application

Chapter 12A of Title 32, Code of Alabama 1975 - All-Terrain Vehicles and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Statute



For more information, contact ALEA at 334-517-2930